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Would you like to feel more balanced?


Are you an active professional, parent ?

Is your life filled with demands and children and parents to worry about? 

My adult clients report that my nutritional suggestions and coaching have helped them feel more balanced, energised and happier.  This has also positively impacted their emotional state and elevated their mood as well as their children's school performance and general resilience.

Would you like a mood and cognition assessment and tune up?  

I would really enjoy talking with you.  

Read further for more information on how I work or contact me directly by email or book a complementary chat with me.




I work with individuals, couples and families of all ages.

Stress, mood modulation and enhancement are key factors in our lives.  

From infant's maturing brains, to school-aged children's academic, social and physical performance, to adult's professional and emotional wellbeing, to older people's cognitive acuity and mood. These are all life stages which require a resilient and engaged mental flexibility,

a happy and healthy brain and mindset 

I aim to provide a unique combination of nutritional and coaching skills to offer clear, simple and realistic nutrition, lifestyle plans and motivational tools to help you on your way to feeling: engaged and invigorated

Take action!

I can help you (re)discover your resilience and how to find a more sustainable way of being in this crazy, busy world.

What I can offer:

I aim to provide a listening ear and active solutions to honour your uniqueness and tap into your resources to forge a new way, not just to feeling better, but optimal.

Nutritional advice

I see food as a medicinal and therapeutic intervention.  Some constituents may trigger negative responses while others may be beneficial.  Certain vitamins and minerals can help support the rewiring or strengthening of natural processes, while other elements may provoke imbalance and illness.  

Food is a determinant actor in our lives,

let’s harness its potential

and unleash its rejuvenating power!


Developing exercise regimes, sleeping habits, hobbies, social activities… form an essential part of my therapeutic interventions. 

For example, some individuals may benefit from increasing their activity level (research has shown that regular exercise is beneficial especially in terms of enhancing mood [1]); while others may need to learn to be slightly less active (exercise as an over-used habit can lead to disharmony or lack of balance).  Yet others could benefit from writing a journal or reading fiction and switching off all electronic devices [2] in the evening to manage their stress levels to obtain a better night’s sleep

Individualised Care

My suggestions will depend on a case by case in-depth analysis of each individual’s needs and circumstances.  This information will be established within the initial meeting and supplemented by each subsequent session. 


An essential aspect of my practice is based on nutritional and lifestyle coaching. I believe that change can only occur when we have a clear image of what one's goals & vision are and have identified and faced our barriers to moving forwards.  Only then can one actively choose health and wellbeing as one's main concern. This I have found can only be achieved by adopting small and progressive changes in our daily actions towards health. I will actively engage you to participate in daily changes in tune with your truly personal vision of health.

I have chosen a package system by which clients are encouraged to book a group of sessions as a way of committing to a period time during which change can occur.  As a coach, I aim to be your accountability mentor, providing you with regular support and knowledge to forge your way towards health.

My specialties

My principle concern is with you, the individual, the person as a whole rather than the disease or syndrome with which you may have been labelled!  I am on the search for the root cause of dis-ease rather than the branches or obvious symptoms.  Within that framework, I support my clients in a few areas, specifically and in no particular order:

  • Healthy eating and living for families and individuals.

  • Children’s health (from brain fog, poor attention and focus, performance/exam anxiety, to the autistic spectrum, ADHD/ADD, dyslexia and dyspraxia, and brain trauma).

  • Women’s health (PMS, perimenopause and menopause, thyroid and adrenal conditions).

  • Adult and young person's mental health (stress, anxiety, depression, eating issues and mental acuity).

This is not an exhaustive list and in all honesty, I will refer you to other health professionals if I feel I am not the best person to support you.  I will also suggest you seek input from your GP for diagnosis, testing, treatment and advice.  Naturopathic nutritional therapy is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment but rather a

supportive and preventative approach to health and wellness.

Believe in your potential for acting towards your own wellness,

to feel good and beyond

If you would like to consult me on any niggling or obvious health concern, please contact me on the following

e-mail: and we can discuss how I may be able to support you.

Or click on this link to book immediately a 20 minute complementary health and wellness assessment call with me, it will give you a taster of how I run my practice. 

Wishing you all the best possible strength and resilience in these brightening, cold days,

Warmest regards, Juliette


[1]Exercise and mood: a selective review and synthesis of research employing the profile of mood states.  Berger, B. & Motl, R. (2000)  Journal of Applied Sport Psychology: 12 (1).

[2]Mobile phone use and stress, sleep disturbances, and symptoms of depression among young adults - a prospective cohort study.  Thomée, S., Härenstam, A. & Hagberg, M.

Juliette A Carpentier

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