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Mental Wellbeing

Space to breath

I'd like to ask you a question:


Do you ever feel stuck in the middle, between

a rock and a hard place?

This is what I call the sandwich generation syndrome. You feel hardly able to break out and breathe.

What are your 2 slices of bread?

  • Your ailing parents and your demanding children?

  • Your precious family and your indispensable job?

  • Your vision of yourself and the reflection in the mirror?

Many things could be your slices of bread but there is only

one of you and you are precious

and need the breathing space to explore your potential.

Would you like to:

Nourish your whole self?

Integrate healthy and enlivening routines for yourself and or your family?

Admire and respect yourself again?

Improve your life experience and performance?

Do you want to be the best you can be? 

Is it time to stop and catch your breath?

Many of my clients come to me feeling overwhelmed, torn and exhausted. They often rely on coffee, sugar and alcohol or other substances, to regulate their highs and lows. Is this what you're battling with right now?

Do you seek balance in your life?  

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? From COVID, to war in Europe, to life in general?

Lacking drive? Not knowing where to start?

Struggling with stress, anxiety or depression?


Then you are like many I help and I would love to be there for you. 

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