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Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist

Juliette A Carpentier

Hello, I'm Juliette...

I work with individuals who want to (re)discover the skip in their step, and work towards physical and mental strength and resilience.

Some feel they need to reconsider the way they eat and behave in order to lead a healthier, more balanced life; others are unsure of where to seek support.

Now everyone says:

We should eat less sugar, less bad fats, less processed foods,

more vegetables, more whole foods and exercise more... 

but often the mere thought of modifying our diet and rethinking our lifestyle can be a challenge too many, sometimes, we can't even imagine how this could change our overall health and life.

The press and FB, Insta... are full of features on the newest superfood to enhance physical and mental agility, the best possible diets and workouts for a super mind and physique, images of the perfect body and brain at every life stage...


We are pulled to and fro by often contradictory advice.

How are we left feeling?

Not knowing where to start?

 On information overload?

Unclear about who to trust?

Well this is where I can help.

I am not in the blame game.

I aim to educate and empower individuals about the natural solutions to a life of strength and resilience.

I want to, not only prevent disease, but support you to feel not just normal but optimal, and not just once in a while, but every day.

I know from my personal and professional experience how difficult it can be to imagine that all of us have the tools of wellness within our grasp and that over the counter and prescription drugs may not deliver long term solutions.

I also know how difficult it can be to imagine how diet and lifestyle choices can impact overall wellness, but I have also seen how powerful those changes can be. I suffered for years with chronic asthma and other respiratory illnesses that took their toll on my overall health, energy and sense of physical and mental wellness. I was weary to try new things as I was not sure how they would impact my health. Eventually, it was through healthy nutrition and lifestyle, that I rediscovered wellness, both physical and mental.

What can I do to help you?

First, I will help you frame your current situation and aspirations in terms of your overall health and wellness. This will involve an in-depth investigation into the root causes of your distress, possibly through functional testing, but primarily through the interpretation of your specific symptoms and your overall physical

and mental health.

Second, I will provide individualised nutritional and lifestyle plans adapted to your own personal goals to be rolled out in manageable chunks over a realistic time frame.

Third, I will not push you unarmed to make changes that may initially seem unrealistic to you. I want to support you to make changes in your life so that you may reap the benefits of targeted nutrition and lifestyle interventions. I usually have a few tricks up my sleeve to help with anxiety, lethargy and other such self sabotaging initial reactions. Sometimes dealing with even slight physiological adjustments can change your outlook and help you to dig deep and deal with the root cause of your malaise.

If you are particularly interested in your mental health, do consult my section specifically addressing the topics of anxiety, depression, mental decline, learning and behavioural difficulties.

All in all, my intention is to educate and support you in creating a mindset open to opportunities and able to take on new challenges, might it be in terms of food and lifestyle choices, or other domains in your life. The end game is not just to ease symptoms, but to tackle their origin to support your ongoing health.


I have seen individuals truly turning their lives around through

natural medicine, food and new habits  

For some it may be about developing a personalised healthy eating and living plan adapted to their current situation, for others, it is about supporting chronic or acute illnesses, while for yet others, it is about being on top of their game. 


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